Child Custody Attorneys

Michigan Child Custody and Guardianship Attorneys

Your children are your most valued treasure. The well being of your children is the most important aspect of your case for both you and the judge. When a household fractures and parents separate, the issue of where the children will live, go to school, have friends, go to church, play sports, etc. is the paramount question.

Initial legal maneuvers and blunders, sometimes made even before the lawyers are retained and the case begins, can have a dramatic impact on the final outcome of the case.

Clients Know the Best Interests of their Children

The Michigan Child Custody attorneys at the law firm of Ziulkowski & Associates, PLC. focus on helping clients assert their rights to further the best interests of their children. We help clients put aside their anger and educate them about their options in child custody and guardianship matters. 

In Michigan, the parties can agree to custody and the court will generally enter the agreed upon terms, provided they comply with state law. However, if the parties do not agree, there will likely be a Friend of the Court investigation, in which a referee will make a recommendation to the court regarding custody. The parties have a right to object to this recommendation and be heard by the court.

In Michigan, physical custody can be awarded as sole physical custody, joint physical custody or as shared custody arrangements. In addition to some form of physical custody, both parties are generally awarded joint legal custody of their children, allowing them to participate equally in the education, medical and religious decisions for their children.Type your paragraph here.