Ziulkowski & Associates, PLC is a Michigan divorce and family law firm providing  aggressive results oriented representation to its family law clients.  Whether you need a pre-nuptial agreement or are facing a messy divorce, the Divorce and Family Law Offices of Ziulkowski & Associates, PLC will vigorously represent you. 

The most important step in any family law matter is selecting the right attorney.  Divorce and family law matters can be complicated, especially when you are dealing with custody matters and the division of marital assets.  The experienced Michigan Divorce and family law attorneys at Ziulkowski & Associates, PLC represent clients in every aspect of family law, from the simplest divorce to complex litigation that can arise when there are substantial marital assets involved.  We will fight for you and your rights and, when possible, try and resolve your matter amicably.  You will be kept informed so that you can make decisions based on the facts of your case.  

Ziulkowski & Associates, PLC offers prospective clients a free initial consultation.  We provide you with an opportunity to get to know our attorneys and you will get straight forward answers to your questions and a realistic evaluation of your case.   The initial consultation can be in-person at our offices located in Clinton Township or via telephone or Skype.  After the initial free consultation, most prospective clients select Ziulkowski & Associates, PLC to represent them.   

The Michigan divorce attorneys and family law attorneys at Ziulkowski & Associates, PLC can help you with the following matters:

        • Pre-nuptial Agreements
        • Step parent adoptions
        • Child guardianships 
        • Paternity
        • Divorce (contested and uncontested) 
        • Annulments
        • Child Custody and Parenting Time
        • Alimony & Child Support
        • Property Distribution
        • Modifications of Prior Court Orders
        • Child Relocation Proceedings
        • Restraining and Protective Orders
        • Marital Debt Allocation 
        • Relocations and Removals 
        • Family Law Litigation 
        • Family Law Emergencies
        • Family Owned Business Issues
        • Preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Powers of Attorney

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The law firm of Ziulkowski & Associates, PLC and our Michigan attorneys regularly represent clients in Macomb County, Oakland County, St. Clair County, Genesee, Lapeer and other counties in Michigan. 

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 Divorce is one of the hardest events a person or their family will endure.   It can be legally, financially and emotionally complex.  The skilled Michigan Divorce and Family Law Attorneys are well known among practitioners and clients alike as a dedicated, sharp and resourceful legal minds.  We are committed to our clients and their rights. No matter what kind of family law issue you are dealing with, the dedicated family law lawyers at Ziulkowski & Associates, PLC will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals for your family. The decisions you will make are some of the most important of your life.  We understand their importance.  We are committed to explaining each aspect of the applicable laws to you, and providing the guidance you and your loved ones need. 

Reasons for Divorce– Michigan is a no fault state.  That means you do not have to claim or prove cheating, abuse, abandonment, etc.  You also do not need approval from your spouse.  You simply have to establish that there is no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be saved.  The actual legal standard you must show is that “there has been a breakdown of the marriage relationship to the extent that the objects of matrimony have been destroyed and there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.” Again, you do not need to prove fault to get a divorce, but it can be considered when determining property settlements and child custody matters.

Child Custody, Parenting Time and Child Support - When children are involved, the courts will always look to what is in their best interest.  Because of the emotions involved and the financial complexities, it is critical to have an experienced child custody attorney on your side.  The behavior of each parent during the marriage, in addition to financial information and how it is presented to the court can make or break our child custody, parenting time and child support claims.  This is why it is critical to have expert legal representation.

Alimony and Spousal Support – You may be entitled to or required to pay spousal support.  Determining what you will receive and/or pay can take substantial effort to prove.  While there is not set formula, having an experienced divorce attorney can make the difference to you for years to come. 

Asset Settlements – Unless there is a prenuptial agreement or you have maintained separate assets throughout your marriage, everything you acquired during the marriage is part of the marital estate.  It doesn’t matter if your spouse never worked.  All acquired assets are subject to an equitable distribution between you and your spouse. It is critical that you hire an experienced attorney in order to ensure that all assets are identified and divided fairly. Divorce settlements can greatly impact your future and that of your children. 

Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements – Prenuptial and antinuptial agreements define how property, financial accounts and even potential custody of future children are divided and handled in the event of a divorce.  The experienced attorneys at Ziulkowski & Associates and draft and/or defend or challenge them on your behalf.  These agreements can be very complex and should never be entered into without being reviewed by an experienced family law attorney.

Annulments and Voidable Marriages – Sometimes marriages are just not legal or are voidable, such as when your “spouse” never received a divorce from his/her prior marriage but still married you.  In situations like this, you would still need to file for an annulment in order to avoid certain legal consequences that could arise.  Our experienced attorneys have represented numerous clients in annulments. 

Restraining Orders and No Contact Orders – If you are in an abusive relationship, we can help.  Whether you are the victim of the abuse or wrongfully accused.  We have the knowhow and resources to vigorously represent you. 

If you are considering divorce or other family law matters, Ziulkowski & Associates will provide a free consultation to discuss your options.  Contact Ziulkowski & Associates today for your free initial consultation. 

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